Provisional Programme - Saturday 18th October 2008
Conference Registration 9.00-9.30 A012
Panel Session E1 9.30-11.00 Samantha Lay, Young Jae Choi, Richard Berger - Panel Chair: David Cameron A004
Panel Session E2 9.30-11.00 Mercedes Lynn de Uriarte , Deena Ingham, Susan Jacobson - Panel Chair: Marcus Leaning A115
Morning Break 11.00-11.20
Panel Session F1 11.20-12.40 David Cameron, Cristina Perales, Daniel Ashton - Panel Chair: Richard Junger A004
Panel Session F2 11.20-12.40 Alexis Weedon, Lydia Miljan - Panel Chair: Samantha Lay A115
Lunch Break 12.40-13.40
Panel Session G1 13.40-15.20 Natalie Fenton & Tamara Witschge, E. Werkers et al., Christel van de Burgt et al., Andrew Calcutt & Philip Hammond - Panel Chair: Deena Ingham A115
Panel Session G2 13.40-15.20 Jamie Matthews, Janey Gordon, Jon Silverman - Panel Chair: Susan Jacobson A013
Comfort Break 15.20-15.30
Panel Session H1 15.30-17.00 José Azevedo et al., Martin Hirst, Steve Conway - Panel Chair: Philip Hammond A013
Panel Session H2 15.30-17.00 Cristina Muntean, Gloria Khamkar, C.S.H.N. Murthy and Ramakrishna Challa, Song Yan- Panel Chair: Gavin Stewart A115
EoJ? Closing Thoughts 17.00-17.30 A013

See the programme for Friday 17th October



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