The digital transition – news usage in the twenty-first century

Mathias Axfjärd Färdigh & Oscar Westlund (University of Gothenburg, Sweden)

The development of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) is driving changes in the international media landscape. Most newspaper companies have integrated ICTs in their distribution of news, becoming multimedia companies with integrated newsrooms for cross-media production. Scandinavian counties such as Sweden have an established tradition of print journalism. Print is now on the decline, while the use of Internet-based news sources is growing. Our paper addresses the impact of new media technologies on journalism from the users’ perspective. The aim of this paper is to seek explanations as to how Internet-based news sources complement or replace their print counterparts among different user groups. The paper will illustrate the effects of convergence in the usage patterns of journalistic news. This paper is based on based on national and annual surveys conducted at University of Gothenburg in Sweden. These surveys are each year sent to 6,000 randomly selected Swedish residents aged 15-85. The net response rate averages more than 60 per cent, making it a representative sample of the Swedish population.

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