Trends in TV News scenography and their influence on journalists and journalism

José Azevedo, Luciana Fernandes & Maria do Rosário Saraiva (Oporto University, Portugal)

The last few years have witnessed profound changes in the way that news is presented. One of the most important changes can be found in the scenography of TV newsrooms, spaces transformed today into stages of images and icons. Another important change was the introduction of on-screen graphic elements during news broadcasts, creating new ways of transmitting information within the same space and time. The influences of these transformations upon journalists themselves is not very well understood. The presence of on-screen enhancements and animated graphics may help journalists to decode complex subjects such as science or economics; however, it can also negatively influence the ways in which news is constructed. This piece of research evaluates the direct impact of these changes upon anchors’ and journalists’ daily routines. By interviewing Portuguese TV news anchors and analyzing news output, we will discuss how scenographic elements influence the procedures of television journalism.

Timing - Saturday - Panel Session H1
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